Light And Sound Therapist Academy.

 Training in AVS for Brainwave Entrainment and Hypnotherapy.    

Practicing therapist of all disciplines wishing to learn our methods please contact us.

Training for Mental Health / Drug Addiction / Pain Relief with Light and Sound technology.

Directors:-   D. Bentley.    J. Foot   J. Bingham

Learn the benefits and dangers of using external stimulus to manipulate brain frequencies.

Please do not rely on this nonesense talk about Delta Theta Alpha Beta Gamma waves.

You need to learn the facts from years and years of experience.


Seminars - Webinars on Zoom and Demonstrations starting June 2021.

Stage 1. Working with Light & Sound devices and technology for Excellent Physical and Mental Health.

Therapeutic uses of Brainwave Entrainment for Winning in Sport, Games, Good Health.

How the brain really works and how Theta Frequencies for relaxation and suggestions do not.

You will learn more in one day about addiction and pain relief than years of reading the garbage

currently on the internet.


Due to current government tyranny meeting in groups is difficult so,

Zoom is a good alternative for now and the only alternative if you are far from

the East Midlands of England.

Learn from my 52 years in practice.

An actual successful Heroin recovery from the man himself.

Let him explain the journey to you for the therapeutic recovery from drug addiction.

Phone :-  44 ( 0 ) 7542 712385    Email :-

Not hiding behind web addresses on this site.  Text first and state name and reason for the contact.

One day courses starting March 2021.   Zoom meetings  starting March 2021

You cannot reach your purpose goals or destiny when you are acting on your hidden fears.

Rapid and permanent relief from Panic Attacks and Phobias.

Remove blockages that stop you winning in Sport, Life, Mental and Physical Health

A caring effective therapy using safe state of the art methods and technology.

Improvement  for behaviour in young children.


Methods only used by therapists trained by D. Bentley


No silly photographs of models posing in dreamy positions on this website. No Dreamy scenes of Angels or Reiki drivel.

Just science and hard learnt facts from practice for over 50 years. What to do and how to do it to have a peaceful life.  ©   D. Bentley 2007.  All rights reserved.